ET Moon Bases

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ET Moon Bases


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    Author and researcher Glenn Steckling discussed evidence for alien bases on the moon. He noted that numerous anomalies such as luminescent areas and glowing objects have been observed coming from the moon in reports dating as far back as the 1800's. "Clearly some type of activity," is taking place on the moon, he declared.

    Astronauts like Gordon Cooper and the French scientist Maurice Chatelain have made comments that NASA moon missions were followed by ET craft, said Steckling, who shared his belief that the aliens are basically non-hostile and beneficial. Further he suggested that ETs live among us, but appear human, so that we would not recognize them as being different.

    In a discussion of selected NASA photos, Steckling pointed out such details as atmospheric disturbances and clouds on the lunar surface, as well as unexplained light sources and mining-like activities.

    Climate Change

    First hour guest, author and lecturer Nick Begich talked about climate change, noting that dramatic changes are being felt in his home state, Alaska. Ocean temperatures there are 5-15 degrees warmer and coastal towns are at risk of extreme storms, he said. Project HAARP was also discussed (Begich will join the creator of HAARP's technology, Dr. Ben Eastlund, in a future Coast to Coast show).