Bacterial Threats

Bacterial Threats


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsDr. Leonard Horowitz, Howard Lyman, Dr. Philip M. Tierno

2nd hour guest, NYU Medical Center's Dr. Phillip Tierno, the author of The Secret Life of Germs, discussed recent outbreaks of drug resistant bacteria. Specifically, he addressed "community acquired" MRSA staph infections that begin with a slight reddening of the skin, but can quickly escalate into pain, fever and a serious health risk.

Citing the overuse of antibiotics as leading to this situation, Tierno recommended that people practice good hygiene such as using antibacterial soap on any cuts before covering them with a bandage, and being vigilant about seeing a doctor if they suspect they have the infection.

Offering a different perspective on the MRSA threat, was Dr. Len Horowitz who appeared during the last two hours. He commented that Tierno's fearful message does a disservice to the public and that pharmaceutical companies conspire to mount fright campaigns in order to boost sales of their products. Horowitz believes consumers can fend off many illnesses by keeping their body chemistry in balance. This can be achieved through the right diet, using various health supplements & products and avoiding vaccines, he said.

Mad Cow Update

Activist Howard Lyman joined the show during the first hour to present an update on Mad Cow Disease. The illness, he said, is related to the feeding of cow remains to other animals including calfs themselves. Between 5 to 13% of Alzheimer cases are actually caused by the human form of Mad Cow, CJD, Lyman pointed out, as he advocated the testing of every animal over 20 months, that goes to slaughter.

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Documentary filmmaker and radio host, Alex Jones was our special guest in Streamlink's Live Chat for one hour on Tuesday night. Below are excerpts from the Q & A; members can view the entire transcript.


Blessings to you Alex, for your work - what can you tell us?

Alex Jones

I just watched the State of the Union address and it had more lies than I've ever seen. It was pure lies. But the address serves the purpose of making everyone think that Bush is in control...that he is really the president, when in reality he is a total puppet of the global elite. The elite want Bush to take the blame for their actions. He is nothing but a foil, a curtain.


Alex -- who IS the man BEHIND the curtain?

Alex Jones

The royal families of Europe allied with the Rockefeller and Rothschild dynasties.


Alex, are you concerned terrorist activity may occur at the Super Bowl?

Alex Jones

I have gotten hundreds of phone calls and emails over the last few days about this. By the mere fact that it has garnered so much attention, if shadowy forces were planning an attack they may be forced to back off. We know that elements within the government have used drills as covers for real operations (i.e. terrorist attacks in the past). They are having drills in Houston, North Carolina, Michigan but the mere fact that millions of Americans are aware of the reality of drills being used as cover is evidence that the NWO is in trouble.


Alex...What do you think the next Illuminati move will be?

Alex Jones

The Illuminati knows that as their program comes to fruition they will be revealed. But they are being revealed too quickly. The overlords will probably carry out massive terrorist attacks in the Western world in the near future in an attempt to cow us back under their black wings.


And what will these "overlords" do when their nuclear plans come into fruition and they have made the very earth they stand to inherit from us toxic and unlivable....after most of the population of the planet are killed off by their plans as you have spoken of in the past.

Alex Jones

They've got all the money, all the power, all the women. They are in control because they are ruthless and enjoy being sadistic. They are the predators. These people are totally sick. Their own docs say they plan to kill us. The police state is only to subdue us to so that they can have their way with us. They make Ted Bundy and Henry Lee Lucas look like Sunday school teachers.


Alex, what can we, as "little people" do to stop the lies?

Alex Jones

On I've got a clip of the Daily Show where Jon Stewart does something that I'm really impressed with: He talked about how the lies of this big Oprah Winfrey scandal is a distraction from the mountain of lies spewed by government on a daily basis. That is where the shift happens - when you start learning the tricks of distraction. When you start learning how the PR men set the parameters of the debate diverting you into issues of little or no significance.


Alex, do you believe the Illuminati or shadow government will ever slip up and have their evil ways become exposed to the general public? If so, then when?

Alex Jones

They slip up all the time. They get caught all the time, but they control the judiciary so they don't get in trouble. They are setting the precedent that they are above the law - Bush's lawyers have even been stating this. They will burn an Abramoff or an occasional Martha Stewart, to give the illusion of justice, but it's all a fraud.


In your experience, Alex, what are some of the most effective "little steps" that can be taken by the average guy or gal in order to let Washington know that we are unwilling to continue to trudge up the steps of the pyramid every day as wage slaves or to continue to be buried under the debt that is created defending these guys and these lies?

Alex Jones

Washington knows that you are angry. They are just errand boys of the parasites. They are setting a police state up because they know that you woke up. They are afraid of you. They're chicken-necked scum, destined to fall and this time fall forever.

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