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Archetypal Astrology


  • Bigfoot Enigma & Project Starman
  • Freewill vs. Planetary Influences
  • Astrology & Reagan's Presidency
  • About the show

    Art Bell was joined by Richard Tarnas, author of Cosmos and Psyche and The Passion of the Western Mind, for a discussion on consciousness, the history of modern thought, and the validity of astrology and its role in world affairs.

    While the planets do not rule us, Tarnas explained, there is a correspondence between planetary alignments and the human experience. He likened this relationship to a clock, which itself does not cause a specific time to occur, but rather shows what time it is. Tarnas said a human being may display archetypal personality traits based on where planets were when he/she was born, however, that person can also play a more or less conscious role in how those traits are expressed. For Tarnas, this non-deterministic astrological viewpoint shows the universe is not void of meaning -- it is instead meaningfully focused on the individual and on Earth.

    Tarnas also talked about John Mack, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author and Harvard Medical School professor who researched alien abduction phenomenon; Nancy Reagan's reliance on astrology and its influence on public policy; and Art Bell's astrological birth chart, which described him as a restless, unorthodox innovator.

    Bigfoot & Nukes

    In the first hour, remote viewing teacher Major Ed Dames discussed the revolutionary discovery his RV team made about the enigma we call 'Bigfoot.' Whenever a trained remote viewer focuses on Bigfoot, he explained, they see a "rectilinear device" out in space. This device belongs to a group of intelligent beings called 'The Controllers,' Dames said, who use it to teleport (or project) Bigfoot to Earth. Dames is planning to contact The Controllers (possibly in June 2006) and hopes they will intervene in human affairs to save us from destroying ourselves.

    He also talked about his work as a gov't remote viewer, altered states of consciousness, and nuclear terrorism. When pressed Dames said there are not currently any nuclear devices "on the loose," but that could change at any moment as there are plenty of well-funded groups who hate the United States trying to buy them.

    Coast Insiders can listen to the full audio of this show in the Art Bell Vault.

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