Secret Photos, EBENs & Area 51

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Secret Photos, EBENs & Area 51


  • Crashed Disc Photos & EBENs
  • EBENs, Telepathy & Anti-Gravity
  • '20 Pounds' & Domestic Spying
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    In the first half of Friday's show, reporter and editor for, Linda Moulton Howe presented an interview with "Don," a man who phoned in during her January 20th, 2006 Coast appearance and said his uncle had shown him top secret files and photos taken in 1947 of crashed discs and small entities. According to Don, his uncle had B&W pictures of three UFO crash sites, including photos showing a craft embedded into a hillside and two living 'extraterrestrial biological entities' (EBENs) standing nearby. Don said the EBENs stood between 3-4 feet tall, had short legs, elongated arms with long, pointy fingers, and egg-shaped heads.

    Don's uncle claimed he could communicate telepathically with the EBENs, and said they had traveled to Earth from "outside our galaxy" to teach humanity about medicine and how to live in peace. Don said his uncle also witnessed an anti-gravity demonstration at Area 51, in which the EBENs used mind power to levitate metallic spheres. Read Linda's full report here.

    Later in the program, Linda spoke briefly with Dodie Crain, mother of famed Area 51 microbiologist Dan Burisch. Crain confirmed that Burisch had once worked at Area 51, having on occasion followed him to McCarran Airport, where a 'Janet' flight transported him to the secret Nevada base. The final hour and a half featured Open Lines with a special 'graveyard' hotline for people who work into the wee hours of the night. Several callers urged George not to go through with his tentatively planned interview with the Devil.

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