Catholicism, Exorcisms & Evil

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Catholicism, Exorcisms & Evil


  • Recollections of Father Martin
  • Involvement in Exorcisms
  • Loss of Christian Tradition
  • About the show

    Friend of the late Father Malachi Martin and fellow Catholic priest Dr. Rama Coomaraswamy discussed the current state of the Catholic Church, exorcisms and the nature of evil. He assisted both Martin and Bishop McKenna in numerous exorcisms over the years, though he said isn't actively involved in the ritual nowadays. When Father Martin was in the hospital with a brain hemorrhage he revealed to Coomaraswamy that he'd been knocked to the ground by a "demon" and that was what brought about his injury (Martin briefly recovered and then fell into a fatal coma).

    The Catholic Church has veered away from its traditions and has been suffering because of it, he contended. For example, the New Mass doesn't use the words that Christ specified for consecrating the host and this type of "false mass" opens people up to evil or "what is below," he said. Further, Coomaraswamy believes that the Vatican has made such changes as part of an agenda to create a one-world religion.

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