Dreams & Intuition

Dreams & Intuition


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsMichael Sebastian, Dr. Nicole Sebastian

Michael & Nicole Sebastian, known as The Dream Dudes, discussed the nature of dreams and intuition. We are all intuitive and can tap into the universal database of information, said Nicole. A person can tell the difference between intuition and erroneous thought by recognizing that intuition is sensed as a feeling rather than a thought, and comes before the thought, Michael shared.

Word association can be used as a tool for interpreting your own dreams, said Nicole, who added that a key question to ask yourself is-- 'what is going on in my life right now?' People can also program their dreams to help create the life they want to live. One helpful technique is to repeat the sound HUUUUUUUU before going to sleep-- this helps to clear the mind, Nicole offered, as she intoned the resonant mantra over the air. (The organization Eckankar specializes in dream work that relates to this kind of approach, the Sebastians noted.)

You can ask a question before going to sleep and in the morning you'll often have an answer based on your dream experiences, Michael commented. He also contended that it's possible for other people to intrude into your dreams and one of the telltale signs of this is when someone is acting out of character in a dream. To prevent or protect yourself from dream intrusions, they recommended the use of the sound HUUU as well as a visualization exercise in which one imagines being wrapped in mirrors facing outwards, thus bouncing off negative energies.

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