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    During Open Lines George offered a hotline for people with creepy stories to tell. Jason from Indiana recalled a stormy night three weeks ago when he picked up a female hitchhiker coming home from work. He said the girl got in his car, gave directions to her house, and then disappeared after they passed by a grave yard. Upon further investigation, Jason discovered his ghostly passenger was killed in the '80s and buried in that cemetery.

    Nina from Sacramento shared a story about the time her girlfriend, a phone company operator, received a call from a little boy asking to be connected to his parents. According to Nina, after the father picked up the phone and was informed who was calling him, he told her that he and his wife had just buried their son that day. Nina's friend claims the other line dropped after this and all attempts to trace the little boy's call failed.

    Tony from Oregon recounted his friend's Ouija board story. Tony said his friend had begun hearing voices (even when she was not using the board) and decided to get rid of it. Supposedly, she gave it to a professor from a Christian college who tried unsuccessfully to burn the Ouija board in a furnace for three days. Finally, the professor threw his Bible at it, causing an explosion that destroyed the board as well as part of his house, Tony noted.

    A trucker from Arizona remembered seeing the ghost of her grandmother sitting in her cab. The grandmother warned her about a future car accident, which the caller believes she was able to avoid because of this message from the other side. John from Florida said he witnessed a horse and buggy with red lights pull up to his house. A dark, shrouded figure pointed at him with a boney finger, he recalled, and then disappeared after John ran into the house.

    Talking to Animals

    In the first hour, Rev. Renee Karen talked about her unique gift to communicate with animals and to comfort those who have lost their beloved pets. Karen said she became aware of her special ability after looking into the eyes of her sister's dog and knowing he was going to die. She said animals are not afraid of death because they know heaven is awaiting them. Karen also shared a story about a reincarnated German Shepherd named Honey.

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