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Anti-Aging Medicine


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    Dr. Ronald Klatz shared research into methods for slowing the human aging process and promoting longevity. According to Klatz, medical knowledge is doubling every 3 1/2 years, which means in 20 years physicians will know 64 times more than they do today about how to interrupt the degenerative processes of human aging. Such anti-aging advances, Klatz believes, will potentially allow baby boomers to enjoy life spans of 100 years or more in excellent health and full function.

    While there is "no magic pill," Klatz enumerated several anti-aging technologies currently available, including therapies to improve metabolism, restore hormonal balance, rebuild muscle and bone mass, improve vision, and increase cardiac output. He said it is now possible to "turn back the clock" and give an older individual the functioning of a person a decade or two younger. Klatz also pointed out that many of the leading causes of death (cardiovascular disease, stroke, and cancer) are preventable, and that by simply beating heart disease a person can add 10 to 13 years to his lifespan.

    Klatz also talked about the pharmaceutical industry, avian flu, managing cholesterol with statins, and cosmetic surgery. He offered his new book, 121 Ways to Live 121 Years... and More!, to Coast listener's for free ($4.95 for shipping & handling) while supplies last. Details available at He also suggested people visit and take the free age test there.

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