Working with Earthbound Spirits

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Working with Earthbound Spirits


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    "Ghostbuster" Mary Ann returned to describe her work with earthbound spirits and consultations for the hit TV series, Ghost Whisperer. Earthbound spirits have free will and do realize that they're dead, yet they may become attached to a person, place or object, she detailed.

    For those who buy antiques and flea market collectibles she recommended keeping some sea salt handy in order to sprinkle a small amount on the object. Earthbound spirits have a particular aversion to it, she noted.While such spirits can't kill the living they have been able to start fires, said Mary Ann, who explained that ghosts' electrical energy can interact with preexisting faulty wires or fuse boxes to trigger incidents.

    Mary Ann described how at the age of four, accompanied by her Grandmother, she began attending funerals in order to relay messages from the newly dead. Her work as a consultant for Ghost Whisperer has brought her to the Los Angeles area where she has "cleared" a number of places such as the Walt Disney studio. She even said she saw the ghost of Barbara Stanwyck, lingering on the former set of The Big Valley, and helped her to crossover. Mary Ann also described paying a visit to Jennifer Love Hewitt's home where two ghosts resided, one of whom was a former high school classmate of Hewitt's who was stalking her after he died in an accident.

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