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    Appearing in the middle two hours, paranormal investigator John Zaffis shared cases of hauntings and demonic possession. He said that lately he's seen an upswing in the number of incubus/succubus attacks in which people are sexually molested by spirit entities. He also discussed his forthcoming book, The Struggle Within, about a woman who had 16 exorcisms, many of them performed by Bishop McKenna. The entities had different levels or ranks, and it became easier to expel them after they had been named, he reported.

    In the second half, Zaffis wasjoined by Carmen Reed, whose life was featured in the film A Haunting in Connecticut about her family's torment while living in a haunted former funeral parlor. Reed said for the first two years she didn't believe her children's accounts of ghosts until she actually witnessed a hand imprint on her niece, that moved from the niece's nightshirt and disappeared into a wall.

    Reed is now seeking to bring attention to the events of 19 years ago, so that parents won't make the same mistake she did of disbelieving their children if they report such incidents. Zaffis shared his encounter with a demonic entity that was descending on the stairs of Reed's home. The transparent shape was accompanied by a foul smell and he heard the words "Do you know what they did to us?' The funeral home was said to have had a necrophiliac in its employ, and Reed believes that this may have opened up the door for demonic spirits to come through.

    The 4th Hour featured Open Lines discussing the reported deathof al-Zarqawi.

    Art Bell Update

    First hour guest Art Bell phoned in with an update from his new home in the Philippines. He said he is now living in a 19th floor condo in Manila with his new wife Airyn, and awaiting the installation of an ISDN line, so he can begin broadcasting again. An interim solution using other equipment may bring him back on the air as early as next weekend, he added.

    Art discussed the crazy traffic in Manila, in which drivers use their horns to navigate through a chaotic swath of cars, kids and bicycles. He also mentioned that he is trying to quit smoking. "The radio bone is connected to the smoking bone," he quipped, revealing that in the past he typically chain smoked while hosting C2C.

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