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'Nutty' Open Lines


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    During Open Lines, George offered a 'nutty hotline' for people who wanted to share the nuttiest thing they've ever done or heard. John, a trucker from Delaware, said he watched as an ambulance hit a bump in the road, its back doors flew open, and a box fell out to the ground. According to his story, the box contained dry ice as well as a 3- to 4-inch human toe. When asked by George what he did with the missing body part, John said he called the 'toe' truck.

    A caller who worked in a helicopter factory assembling extremely expensive avionic consoles said she built a dummy console from defective parts and would drop it on the floor, to the horror of the other factory workers who walked past her station. Another caller recounted the time he took revenge on a mean older woman in his neighborhood by taking items from several of his neighbors' yards and setting them up in her front lawn with a yard sale sign.

    A police officer stationed near Gettysburg shared an eerie experience that took place at an old abandoned 19th century farmhouse. According to the officer, she and her partner were dispatched to check the location for trespassers. When they arrived several lights were on inside the house, she explained, which when shut off would mysteriously turn back on. The officer claims that there was no electrical power running to the house and that she saw somebody staring at her from one of the windows.

    The last half of the 4th hour featured pre-recorded audio of Linda Moulton Howe's interview with hacker Gary McKinnon, who was arrested for breaking into US military computer networks (to look for info about UFOs). Audio courtesy of Whitley Strieber's Unknown Country.

    The Taylor Effect

    In the first hour, Robert Taylor, author of Paradigm, talked about the predictability of the stock market. According to his theory, called The Taylor Effect, financial markets are influenced by gravitational fluctuations: increases in market price directly correlate to decreases in gravitational forces, while decreases in market price directly correlate to the increases in gravitational forces. More information can be found at taylortrends.com.

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