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Cosmology, Physics & Science


  • Quayle: "No Knock" Ruling
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    Writer for Science Magazine, Charles Seife, probed the mind-boggling advances that are taking us to a new understanding of the universe. There's been a scientific revolution in cosmology in the last decade, he said, with the realization that 96% of the universe is not made up of atomic structure, but rather is composed of dark energy and dark matter-- which we know very little about. Yet, he uses the concept of "information theory" --the idea that every particle in the cosmos contains information-- to connect such disparate fields as quantum mechanics and relativity.

    One of the most intriguing scientific findings is that quantum objects can be in two places at the same time, which is illustrated by the paradoxical experiment known as Schrodinger's cat, he reported.He broached such topics as black holes, teleportation, and time travel. In a way, time travel has already been demonstrated, he said, detailing an experiment where a pulse of light actually exited a chamber before entering it. Seife also touched on frauds in science, describing the case of a physicist who fabricated data about Element 116. When it was revealed the results were manipulated, his announcement was retracted.

    Quayle Commentary

    First hour guest, Steve Quayle reacted to the recent Supreme Court ruling backing "no knocking" police searches. This decision shows how the loss of constitutional freedom is occurring in America and further, the globalists plan to destroy local law enforcement, he said.

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