Möbius Strips & Parallel Universes

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Möbius Strips & Parallel Universes


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    Returning from vacation, George Noory welcomedauthor and researcher Cliff Pickover who discussed his latest book The Mobius Strip, as well as parallel universes, higher dimensions and time travel. Mobius strips, named after the 19th century visionary scientist Dr. August Mobius, are surfaces that have only one side-- a model can be created by twisting a strip of paper and then merging the ends of the strip together to form a single strip. For Pickover, such a design represents the borderland between art and mathematics, and offers a possible look at how the universe and other dimensions might be structured.

    He favors two theories of parallel universes: the "multiworlds" of quantum mechanics, in which a new world is created each time decisions branch off into different directions and "carbon copy" universes in which we also exist in just slightly different versions of ourselves. Because the human mind has certain constraints to its thinking, Pickover suggested that computers will eventually be used to surpass these limitations.

    He also discussed some of his Internet projects, which include The Galactic Question Center, a blog that invites people to share their thoughts on a wide range of meaningful issues.

    JFK Assassination Update

    George shared that while in St. Louis he recently heard from a trusted source, a story about Morris Shenker (a powerful mob lawyer, now deceased). The late attorney, who reportedly met with JFK in the 1950's, said that the President was assassinated because "he didn't remember who the bosses were." First hour guest, Lamar Waldron commented that the idea that JFK was killed by the Mafia is consistent with his research.

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