Security-Related Issues

Security-Related Issues


HostIan Punnett

GuestsOpen Lines, Andrew Colarik

During the first hour, Ian Punnett talked with author and consultant Andrew Colarik about national security issues in light of recent terrorist threats. Colarik said current airport safety measures, which are "geared to make us feel safer" and to be politically correct, may not necessarily provide any real security. Colarik also discussed new biometric technologies that can be used to identify terrorists by body odor or the way they walk (gait analysis), as well as data-mining and the need for oversight.

Ian continued to focus on security-related issues during Open Lines. Specifically, he addressed this week's thwarted airline bombing plot, but wondered why food, drinks and other fluids were confiscated at airport security checkpoints and threat levels raised in Britain and the U.S. after government authorities announced they had prevented the terrorist attacks. Ian implored the forces in charge of our national security to level with us about potential/future terrorist threats, and invited callers to phone in with their opinions on the topic.

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