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    Psychic Angela Moore debuted on the show, sharing her intuitive perceptions and offering tips for developing psychic skills. Everyone has the ability to tap into these kinds of energies, she said, yet if one is not protected there can be danger in picking up negative emanations. Moore described an incident where she was sitting at home and felt an intense fear, having to do with being killed. It turned out that that night a neighbor was abducted and murdered, and she believes she was picking up the energy of the event.

    Dreams, and in particular early morning ones, can sometimes offer important information or precognitive material, she noted. One of her spirit guides, appears to her in dreams, and is always sensed as a woman standing behind her. She "literally interprets as I'm dreaming," said Moore. Learning to get in touch with your psychic side is somewhat of a trial and error process. Attention, belief and creativity (ABC) are the basic building blocks, and using affirmations can be helpful, Moore explained.

    She shared a few predictions based on her intuitions:

    • Spiritual leaders will be retiring, dying or stepping down, which will usher in new ways of thought.
    • She sees an assassination attempt on a female political leader.
    • Animals are going to be acting out more, in ways that are out of character.

    Moore also offered advice from her psychic perspective to callers in the last hour.

    Coleman Update

    First hour guest, Loren Coleman commented on the copycat nature of the Montreal school shooting, relating it to recent shootings in Vermont, North Carolina and France. The media plays a part by publicizing the anniversaries of events such as Columbine, he said. Coleman also gave an update on cryptozoology news, discussing the 'Wooly Rhino' and other creatures.

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