Friday the 13th, Morgus & Angelic Aliens

Hosted byGeorge Noory

Friday the 13th, Morgus & Angelic Aliens


  • Angelic Aliens & Abductions
  • Pinched by Bigfoot & La Chusa
  • Cloning w/ UFO Phil & George's Harmonica
  • J.C.'s 'Disgustated' Rant
  • About the show

    George hosted a night of Friday the 13th Open Lines, which featured calls by J.C. and UFO Phil, as well as George's astonishingly good rendition of "Oh Suzanna" on harmonica.

    Dr. Morgus appeared briefly in the 1st hour to announce he's back on television. Morgus can be seen performing his whacky experiments each Friday night on New Orleans' local cable TV station, Cox 10.
    Then, UFO journalist Sean Casteel discussed alien abductions, as well as his theory that aliens are the angelic creatures described in the Bible.

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