Death & the Hereafter

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Death & the Hereafter


  • Susan's Story & Reincarnation
  • Danny Lynch's Story
  • A Farmer's Spontaneous Remission
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    Art spoke with the 'compassionate coroner,' Dr. Janis Amatuzio, who discussed her work as a forensic pathologist and death scene investigator, as well as shared stories that have convinced her that "something goes on" after we die.

    Amatuzio recounted one story about a young woman named Susan who claimed she was visited by her 'adopted grandfather' in a dream. According to Susan, she and her grandfather were whisked away to his nursing home, where they sat by a pond and conversed about life. The next morning Susan received a phone call from a friend informing her that her grandfather had passed away.

    In another story, Amatuzio detailed the strange events surrounding the death of Danny Lynch, a young man whose organs were donated after he was fatally injured in a car crash. A recipient named Mike claimed to know his new kidney and pancreas had come from a donor named Danny, though there was no way for Mike to have known this information, Amatuzio noted. According to Mike, he saw Danny while hovering out of his body during his transplant surgery.

    Amatuzio also touched on reincarnation, cautioned against smoking, and spoke about the hit television show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Although not very realistic, Amatuzio said CSI and other shows like it have raised public awareness about death. Understanding our own mortality adds an urgency to life, Amatuzio explained, allowing us to have fuller and more meaningful experiences.

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