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    Prolific author Brad Steiger returned for a discussion on the most bizarre phenomenon in all of psychical research-- the poltergeist. Ghosts haunt houses, but poltergeists haunt people, he explained, noting that cases typically center around kids going through puberty, especially females. On one level they may be aware that they are controlling or inspiring the events, yet dark spirits can also have latched onto them, he said.

    Phenomena usually start subtly with scratching or knocking sounds which progress to voices, and psychokinetic activity such as furniture moving and levitation. Objects are often thrown, but you never see them being launched-- they are already in mid air when spotted, he detailed. Sometimes there is violence, such as invisible biting and scratching. A poltergeist case usually runs itself out in two weeks, but Steiger said sometimes they can go on for months or even years.

    The Bell Witch case (Steiger recommends this DVD about it) from the 1820's is one of the most extreme accounts of a poltergeist, involving murder, objects appearing out of thin air, and a voice that made future predictions. Another intriguing case involves a "talking" mongoose on the Isle of Man, which may actually have been an animal possessed by a spirit, said Steiger. He suggested that if people are concerned over possession they follow tips posted on his website (scroll nearly all the way down).

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    Jerome Corsi commented on Bush's signing of the fence border bill, calling the act "a campaign illusion" that is too little, too late. He believes the fence will probably never even be built.

    Neale Donald Walsch joined the program to announce the Friday Oct. 27th release of the Conversations with God movie. Adapted from his best-selling book, and starring Henry Czerny, Walsch said he was pleased to have collaborative input in the making of the film.

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