Alien Investigations

Alien Investigations


HostArt Bell

GuestsDerrel Sims

Private investigator Derrel Sims discussed the physical evidence he has collected in alien abduction cases and shared his views of the overall scenario. An abductee himself from the ages of 4 through 17, Sims said he was angered when he found out his six-year old son was also abducted. He believes the aliens install screen memories in abductees to cover-up their highly negative interactions.

Of the 1,000 abduction cases he's looked at, 45% involve Native American or Irish people. "I think we're in trouble," said Sims, as he suspects the alien's genetic plan may be to breed certain traits out of the human species. Roswell, he suggested, was actually an "infiltration of the military-industrial complex" with the aliens purposefully crashing their ships.

A recent case from Pennsylvania involved a multi-generational family in Pennsylvania. A hand print, purportedly left by an entity that was leaning against a wall, had fingers that were four inches longer than his own, said Sims. He added that he has two boxes worth of DNA evidence from a variety of investigations, as well as a potential "smoking gun" case, but he needs to put together funding before he can have the materials properly tested.

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