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Soviet UFO Incidents


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    Co-author of Mysterious Sky: Soviet UFO Phenomenon, Paul Stonehill presented accounts of sightings and related incidents from Russia and the former Soviet Union. The Soviet space probe, Phobos 2, may well have been knocked out by a UFO as it approached Mars in 1989, based on anomalous images it sent back, he reported. More on the incident here.

    There have been many sightings of US0s-- unidentified submergible objects, Stonehill noted, describing "croakers," mysterious craft that reportedly followed submarines in the North Atlantic during the period of 1975-1980. Cosmonauts, he detailed, have sometimes had baffling experiences while in space, such as seeing unusual spheres and hearing "whispers," voices that telepathically spoke to them.

    He shared reports from the region dating back hundreds of years. For instance in 1065 AD, a strange object was said to hover in the skies above Kiev for seven days, and the quality of the sun changed. In 1111 AD, a fiery pillar was seen rising up from the ground and going into the sky. Stonehill also touched on the 1908 Tunguska incident, suggesting that the crash may have involved two objects-- one that shot the other one down while still in the sky, as a way of averting a major cataclysm on the Earth.

    OK Bombing Update

    First hour guest, radio host Alex Jones discussed the recent Salt Lake Tribune story which reports Terry Nichols' comments about Timothy McVeigh. Nichols claims that McVeigh had help from a high-ranking FBI official in the Oklahoma City bombing plot. Alex Jones believes that Nichols may be telling the truth, because he is putting himself in danger by making such allegations. To get to the bottom of it, George suggested that the two of them travel to the prison where Nichols is held and conduct an interview with him together. For more, see this article written by Jones and Paul Joseph Watson.

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