Missing Bees & Torsion Field Physics

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Missing Bees & Torsion Field Physics


  • Paglini's Predictions
  • Honeycomb Geometry & Torsion Field Physics
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    Art was joined by Richard C. Hoagland for a discussion on torsion field physics and how it may relate to the disappearing bee problem. Hoagland suggested the missing bees are not off dying in mass somewhere but are instead getting lost from their hives.

    Hoagland pointed out that only "corporate hives" of large commercial beekeepers have been affected by Colony Collapse Disorder -- wild bees and bees from organic hives seem to be resistant to the disorder. Corporate hives, he continued, utilize foundation honeycombs upon which the bees construct their waxy hexagonal cells.

    This foundation has changed the geometry of the commercial honeycomb, he said, making them larger and more symmetrical than honeycombs found in nature. According to Hoagland's theory, these larger honeycombs tend to amplify some frequencies in the background physics of our planet, confusing the commercial bees' directional/homing capabilities and making it difficult for them to find their way home.
    Hoagland also spoke briefly about global warming as well as warming on other planets in our solar system.

    Paglini's Predictions

    In the first hour, Art spoke with Evelyn Paglini about her past fire predictions. She said the fires will continue to burn until November, destroying countless acres of forest, hundreds of homes, and forcing thousands of people across the country to be evacuated.

    Paglini also shared her forecast for the future. She foresees "a major killer heatwave" coming this summer to the US and Europe. Paglini said to expect continued flooding, landslides and extreme weather, including clusters of tornadoes hitting places where there is rarely tornado activity. She warned residents of the Gulf Coast about an early and severe hurricane season, predicting at least two major hurricanes will make landfall in the region.

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