The Body Farm

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The Body Farm


  • Insects Help to Solve Murders
  • It's Hard to Destroy a Body
  • Digging Up the Big Bopper
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    Ian spoke with veteran journalist and documentary filmmaker Jon Jefferson about his recent book, Beyond the Body Farm, co-authored with forensic anthropologist Dr. Bill Bass. The book details some of Bill Bass's cases, as well as how his work at the University of Tennessee's three-acre "Body Farm," where researchers study human decomposition, helped revolutionize forensic science.

    Sea Treaty Update

    In the first hour, Capt. Kelly Sweeney commented on the Law of the Sea Treaty, which he called "the single most important worldwide maritime legistlation ever." Sweeney expressed his support for the Treaty, noting that it establishes rights over territorial waters, as well as keeps the use of the high seas open to all nations. He also spoke briefly about piracy, magnetic anomalies and the Bermuda Triangle.

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