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    Futurist and intuitive Sean David Morton returned to share his predictions and insights. He discussed how humanity is affected by different cycles. For instance, a shift of energy starts with the beginning of the '5th night of the Mayan Calendar', November 19, 2007, and will run through Nov. 12, 2008. This will be a time of deep crisis for the "globalist materialist culture," he said.

    Among Morton's predictions and comments:

    • We'll see atomic weapons used in the next 13 months, with Syria, Iran or Pakistan-India likely being involved.

    • The foreclosure crisis will continue to affect the housing market in the US, and home prices will drop to pre-2000 levels in most areas of the country in the next year.

    • The international monetary system is collapsing. France is broke, and Germany is not far behind. With the US dollar dropping, the EU can't export goods. There'll be riots in France by Jan-Feb 2008.

    • The US dollar will continue to fall in value, until it's on the level of the Mexican peso. At that point, America, Canada & Mexico will have a shared currency, the Amero, which will be backed by silver.

    • Silver will hit $30 by next year, and gold will rise to $1200 within one year.

    • Southern California will have a savagely cold winter this year, with flooding in the San Diego area due to the fires. The Northeast will also have a harsh winter.

    • Pennsylvania could have unusual quake activity in the next 90 days.

    • The 'colony bee collapse' situation has been brought about by inferior queen bees purchased from China.

    • Recommended alternative health care facilities include Reno Integrative and Bio Care Hospital.

    • May 27-29, 2010 will mark another harmonic convergence, and it'll be 1,000 times more powerful than the one in 1987. A pulse from the center of galaxy will arrive (as predicted by the Mayans) causing a change in the quality of sunlight, and this will have positive effects on human brain chemistry.

    Ghost Whisperers

    First hour guest Ghost Whisperer star Jennifer Love Hewitt spoke about her CBS TV show. She was joined by ghostbuster Mary Ann Winkowski, who serves as a consultant for the show. Hewitt said there have been some haunting events that have occurred during filming. She's felt a tug at the bottom of her shirt, and a small push from behind. Additionally, 6-7 crew members felt a "presence" near a door.

    Winkowski commented that more spirits from the 'other side' are choosing to communicate with the living via dreams.

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