JFK Assassination Special V

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JFK Assassination Special V


  • Brown: Assassination Motivations
  • Groden: Zapruder Film
  • Judge: Truth & History
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    In our 5th JFK Assassination Special a variety of guests presented theories and evidence that generally ran counter to the single gunman theory of the Warren Commission. An exception to that was second hour guest, radio host John Ziegler, who recently published an editorial outlining his belief that Oswald acted alone. Ziegler debated forensic expert Dr. Cyril Wecht, who has cited the difficulty in drawing conclusions based on the poorly performed autopsy of JFK.

    Researcher Walt Brown said the assassination could not have happened without the CIA knowing about it, and the evidence points towards LBJ being involved. Another researcher, J. Harrison, told him that JFK was killed as part of a group of 17, including Malcolm Wallace, whose fingerprint likely matched an unaccounted-for print at the Texas School Book Depository where Oswald was found.

    Kicking off the third hour, independent researcher William Kelly called for a Grand Jury to reopen the investigation of JFK's murder, and for a review of the JFK Assassination Records Act. Author and photographic consultant Robert Groden, who made the Zapruder film public in 1975, said the explosion in Kennedy's head, as seen in the film, reverses the assumption that the bullet came from behind. It must have come from in front where the Grassy Knoll was located, he suggested.

    In the last hour, Dr. Gary Aguilar spoke about the mishandling of the medical information and inexplicable elements in JFK's autopsy. Investigator John Judge, who helped put the evening's guests together, noted that history has become a "stolen commodity" leaving citizens in a position where they are allowed to believe anything. His research indicates that Johnson knew the assassination was coming and that he was put into office by war profiteers.

    In our Fast Blast poll, 80% of the respondents believe in the conspiracy angle rather than the lone gunman theory.

    'I Shot JFK'

    Appearing during the first half-hour, producer Robert Kiviat spoke about his upcoming documentary I Shot JFK, which features the confessions of self-professed "Grassy Knoll gunman" James Files.

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    Marking the 44th anniversary of JFK's assassination, a crowd gathered today in Dealey Plaza in Dallas, where witness Ernest Brandt shared his account. Meanwhile, an assassination plot to kill JFK in Chicago was recently revealed.

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