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American Crises


  • Immigration & N. American Union
  • Trade & Economic Problems
  • Ideology & America's Decline
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    During the first three hours, columnist and television commentator Pat Buchanan discussed his new book Day of Reckoning. He outlined his belief that the "perfect storm" of crises are leading America to its demise. Illegal immigration is overwhelming the US, with many coming here to work but not to assimilate, he noted. The lack of border control between the US and Mexico may be deliberate, as part of an eventual plan to form a North American Union. There are powerful forces (such as multinational corporations) who seek to put an end to the sovereignty of nations, so they can trade more freely, Buchanan asserted.

    The US military is overextended, the dollar's value has sunk in the world economy, and three million manufacturing jobs have been lost during the current Bush administration, he continued.

    Further, Bush's ideology of democratization for all countries, especially put forward after 9-11, caused increased alienation. Among Buchanan's recommendations:

    • remove some Cold War era military bases such as in Central Asia

    • repair & rebuild the military

    • put troops on the border & erect a fence

    • prosecute big businesses that use illegals.

    Hoagland Commentary

    In the last hour, Richard C. Hoagland commented on the recent Mars mission plans, calling them "bunk." It's simply PR, he said, and any technology they propose now would be outdated by the time mission rolled around in 2031.

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