Expanding Consciousness

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Expanding Consciousness

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David Sereda discussed his pathway to expanded consciousness, as well as his new film The Voice, which explores how spirituality, religion and science are merging together into a single place. In the film, Dr. Roger Nelson, of the Princeton Global Consciousness Project, talks about how the noosphere around the planet is conscious and even has precognition, Sereda reported.

Sereda said there is a consciousness to the solar system, as well as to galactic rings. He described the expanded awareness that came to him through meditation, traveling through various spheres of enlightenment. There were overwhelming states of bliss, angelic sounds, and breathtaking visions of the universe.

Such states can be accessed during meditation, when a person ends their own inner conflict, and breaks out of the "polarity matrix," he noted (Sereda's meditation CDs are available here). He also spoke about the work of Konstantin Korotkov, who has developed a kind of camera that measures auras in 3D. The device has been used to observe the changes a person goes through in meditative states, Sereda noted.

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