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Theories of Atlantis


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    Author Brad Steiger discussed his landmark work, Atlantis Rising, which was one of the first books to cover the study of lost civilizations and alien contact. Atlantis serves as a symbol in our collective conscious and represents a world or global civilization before our own, he said.

    Steiger shared a number of theories about Atlantis. Edgar Cayce's vision was of a civilization that developed a super-science, yet eventually destroyed itself in a nuclear war. There is evidence of nuclear battles in prehistoric times, with vitrified cities, Steiger detailed. Another theory suggests that Atlanteans withdrew to underwater colonies. The many appearances of USOs (unidentified submerged objects) could indicate these colonies are still active, he suggested.

    Other theories about Atlantis include a retreat to the Hollow Earth, a metaphor for the Garden of Eden, and ET lore about their home world that was passed down to humans. There is physical evidence that humans existed on this planet far longer than we've been led to believe, Steiger noted, citing a fossilized sandal print on a trilobite from 250 million years ago.

    Children & Medicine

    First hour guest, Dr. Doris Rapp spoke about over-the-counter medicine risks for kids (the FDA recently issued a health warning on cold medicine). Parents need to realize that fevers are part of a natural process of the body healing itself and not go overboard giving their children medications, she advised.

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