Solomon, Knights Templar & White Gold

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Solomon, Knights Templar & White Gold

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Historian Laurence Gardner traced the connections between King Solomon & his Temple, the Knights Templar, the Ark of the Covenant, Free Masonry, and White Powder Gold. Solomon, who lived around 1,000 BC, built the first temple of Jerusalem, set an example for 'kingship,' and was thought to have stocked his temple with treasures. The Temple changed hands over the years, and eventually became an Islamic mosque, Gardner noted.

The Knights Templar, a kind of ambassadorial military unit, conducted excavations at the Temple during the first Crusades. When they returned to Europe in 1128, they became a powerful knightly order, made wealthy by the treasures they had brought back from Jerusalem, he detailed.

The Ark of the Covenant, according to the Bible, was used as a kind of high-tech weapon during wars. The magical White Powder Gold or manna along with the Ark, suggest the ancient Hebrews had an advanced science. It was the knowledge of these ancient secrets that the Free Masons once had but lost, back in the 1700s, Gardner explained. Research on White Powder Gold and monoatomic elements begun in the 1980's, has revealed a number of unusual properties such as levitation, and possible applications in medicine and energy, he added.

Planets Everyhwere

In the second half of the first hour, physicist James McCanney commented on new findings which suggest there could be a multitude of rocky Earth-like planets in our galaxy. With new telescopes being able to view other solar systems, he predicted that we'll eventually see comets forming planets in these systems.

There may be hundreds, if not thousands of undiscovered planet-sized objects in the far reaches of our own solar system too, he suggested.

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