Power of the Crystal Skulls

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Power of the Crystal Skulls

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Scientific researcher of ancient artifacts, Richard Shafsky discussed his work with the Mayan crystal skull and how it has conveyed important information about Earth history and changes. He was first introduced to the Mayan skull in the 1970's via a Mayan shaman, whom he said entrusted him to protect and share the wisdom of the artifact. Aware of a total of nine ancient crystal skulls (which have no carving markings on them), there could be even more than 13, Shafsky said. The Mayan skull is made of quartz crystal-- some of the other ancient ones were created from such materials as amethyst, aquamarine, and rose quartz, he detailed.

The ancient crystal skulls are "stargates" and can conjure images of the past (such as a race of giants that once lived here), other dimensions and planets, as well as foster ET communication, he suggested. Images seen in the skull such as vortexes and a planet with a different color atmosphere are quite clear and can even be captured on video, he declared. Shafsky also noted that shamans entered into altered states and used the skulls to find healing remedies for the sick.

The Mayan skull has communicated messages about coming Earth changes, as we enter into a new era, what the Mayans call the "the 5th World," he shared. As we move into a new galactic zone, cyclical changes are affecting our solar system and the sun, and this will increase cataclysmic events, such as volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, particularly in California, he offered.

Midwest Quake

Appearing briefly at the start of the show, geologist Jim Berkland commented on the latest earthquake to hit St. Louis, connecting it to the heavy rains that have been drenching the Midwest.

Al Bielek Update

First hour guest, Al Bielek, now 82, reviewed some of his purported experiences with the Philadelphia Experiment. The 1943 experiment was "fatally flawed," he noted, adding that by 1953 the military had perfected invisibility and completed a successful test using the carrier Midway.

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