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Meet Jesus Christ

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Ian Punnett was joined by Jesus Christ, who discussed his life and teachings. Regarding the various interpretations of his time on Earth, Christ said, "there is specificity to who I am, the things I did, the things I said, and a purpose for which I came. And I don't like when people try to mutate that."

Explaining why he is portrayed differently in each of the four Biblical gospels, Christ attributed it to the fact that each book had a different author with their own perception of the events that took place. These different perspectives notwithstanding, Christ said that "they're all right in conjunction with one another. And that's the beauty of the harmony of scripture." He lamented that some people do not read the Bible with that harmony in mind and, instead, "just take what they want and leave what they don't want."

Christ also discussed why much of his teachings were contained in parables, instead of in clearer directions. He said that the reasoning behind this methodology is that "the digging for the treasure is as important as the finding of the treasure and that gets lost a lot." He stressed that while the messages in the parables never change, the context is best understood in the time frame in which they were told. Christ also showed concern that "preachers will get lost in the specificity of the parable and not the spirit of the parable."

In the second half of the interview, Christ answered questions from callers. One topic covered was the significance of 2012 and the apocalypse. He downplayed any potential event, saying that "eschatology is the study of the last things. Study it last. ... People almost rush past the entirety of scripture to get to the end and they don't understand the core of scripture." He, instead, encouraged people to live in "a state of constantly seeking God's will" so that they are prepared for the End Times, whenever they may come.

Pirate Update

In the first hour, Captain Kelly Sweeney talked about the increase in piracy on the high seas. Sweeney observed that "the strange thing is that now the cargo that the ships are carrying seems to be less important than taking the ship hostage and holding the crew ransom." He speculated that this change in methods by pirates was because ill-gotten money is easier to hide than stolen cargo. He detailed the recent hijacking of a Dutch tug ship by Somali pirates as an example of how the ways of pirating have changed.

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