Flashpoints, End Times & Giants

Flashpoints, End Times & Giants


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsSteve Quayle, Michael Shedlock

Author and researcher Steve Quayle discussed escalating geopolitical flash points and their possible relationship to biblical prophecy and 'end times.' He also spoke about his research into UFOs, aliens, and giants. According to his military sources, there are underground facilities such as Dulce that house labs with alien experimentation, and "black physics."

Quayle claimed there are giants, 12-14 ft. in height, currently alive. Aliens and UFOs are often associated with reports of giants, such as on Solomon Island, he said. And, in a catacomb underneath Rome there are two 12 ft. tall lizard creatures with leathery wings, bound in chains, according to two witnesses he spoke with.

The military confrontation between Georgia and Russia could be an indicator of the coming Gog-Magog war mentioned in Ezekiel, he said. China is pouring money into high energy weapons, while the Russians have Tesla technology, Quayle noted. He believes 'end times' are around the corner, and outlined an upcoming 42-month period of global disaster, marked by war, pestilence and famine. The Illuminati pull strings on both sides of any conflict, and seek to massively reduce the world's population, he added. Quayle also announced his newest book, Longwalkers: Return of the Nephilim, soon to be available.

Economic Analysis

First hour guest, financial analyst Mish Shedlock offered commentary on the economy. There's going to be fallout from adjustable rate mortgages turning over in the next few years, he said, with the housing market not hitting bottom until 2012. Further, the bank collapse problem is going to grow bigger than the S & L crisis of the 1980s, he warned.

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