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Billy Meier Prophecies

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In the first hour, Michael Horn discussed some of the prophecies of purported ET contactee Billy Meier, including one about a tsunami that will hit the Pacific Northwest Coast of the United States.

According to Horn, an alien named Ptaah told Meier, "there will be a seaquake of 9 points on the Richter Scale in the region of the North Pacific not far from the American Coast from Portland [down to] the south of California up to Washington to the north. As a result, there will be a gigantic fault of several hundred kilometers... a seaquake tsunami will spread in a ring form and produce immense devastation on the mainland and on the islands, which will cost many human lives. The seaquake will last for about five minutes, to be followed by additional and less forceful quakes which will trigger another but less severe tsunami."

Horn also talked about another tsunami prediction for the Eastern Seaboard of the U.S., which he said could penetrate more than 12 miles inland, as well as a British skeptic who tried and was unable to duplicate Meier's UFO films. Read Horn's update on this story here (PDF).

Open Lines

During Open Lines, a caller in Vermont told George about a chilling incident that happened a few days ago when he and his girlfriend were speaking via webcam. He said his girlfriend saw an old woman with long gray hair and a blurry face standing behind him during their conversation. The caller believes it was a ghost as, according to him, his girlfriend can see spirits.

Andrew in St. Louis shared a strange experience he had while visiting St. Peter's Church in Cologne, Germany in late 2007. Andrew said he was inexplicably invited to conduct the organ music, though he knew neither how to conduct nor anyone in the congretation. George also offered an 'abyss' hotline inspired by Hal Holbrook's famous line from the movie Wall Street - "Man looks in the abyss, there's nothing staring back at him. At that moment, man finds his character. And that is what keeps him out of the abyss."

In the final hour, George played a piece of audio from Carol Rosin in which she discusses what Wernher Von Braun told her about a plan to justify the weaponization of space by hoaxing an extraterrestrial threat, as well as a clip from his 2006 interview with the late voice-over artist Don LaFontaine, who talks about his work on movie trailers, commercials and television promos.

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