Earth Changes, Prophecy, & Bigfoot

Earth Changes, Prophecy, & Bigfoot


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsRed Elk, Nick Begich

Inter-Tribal Medicine Man Red Elk touched on such topics as Bigfoot, Thunderbirds, earth changes, Mel's Hole, and Hopi prophecy. He said he saw Thunderbirds during a time travel experience, and there are several different types, resembling larger versions of eagles. The Three Mountains area in Saskatchewan is their breeding ground said Red Elk, who'd planned to go there to call the birds back.

Regarding earth changes, people's negative energies contribute to the unprecedented storms, he explained. He's had a vision of Mount Rainier erupting, as well as a huge tsunami sliding Seattle into Puget Sound. The destructive visions of Hopi prophecy will come to pass unless 84%-87% of the world's population "get right with the creator," Red Elk declared.

He spoke of his visit to Mel's Hole across the Yakima River, many years ago. Taken there by his father, he described the hole as around 9 ft. around and somewhere between 24â€"28 miles deep. It's a blowhole for Mount Rainier, he added. Red Elk also shared his grandsons' encounter with intelligent Bigfoot and that the creatures could be called by banging on a tree in a certain manner.

Romanek Polygraph

Towards the start of the show, audio portions of a polygraph test administered to Stan Romanek, who made claims of videotaping an alien, were played. The examiner found deception in his answers. Romanek responded in a letter that because of his health issues such as PTSD (which causes various physical effects) polygraph testing is not accurate on him, and he stands by his claims.

Cell Phone Dangers

First hour guest, researcher Nick Begich shared an update on cell phone dangers, discussing a report that suggests radiation will unleash an epidemic of brain tumors. The standards for mobile phone safety were set long ago, and are now obsolete, he commented.

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