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Paranormal Stories

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In the first half of the program, author Michael Teitelbaum shared some of the frightening tales he has collected from people across the country. Teitelbaum related a story about an Indiana man who was awakened prematurely by his alarm clock to find a tall shadowy figure that was "human-shaped but devoid of any detail or features" staring back at him from the kitchen. The man looked away and then back again, but the figure had vanished from the kitchen and appeared outside of his window, Teitelbaum revealed.

Teitelbaum recounted paranormal accounts from other states. One from New York featured an encounter with a wolf-like creature standing upright next to a tree. In another, a family exploring haunted places in Williamsburg, Maryland discovered their video and still cameras had picked up orbs as well as a "smoky foggy thing," Teitelbaum noted. In New Jersey, a man visiting Walt Whitman's grave was startled to see the handle of the mausoleum door turn apparently by some force from the inside of the tomb.

From Pennsylvania came the story of two brothers who, while out walking their dog, noticed a brightly lit house with a Christmas party in full swing. A few days later the brothers passed by the house again and saw that it was boarded up. A neighbor told them the house had been boarded up after a fire killed almost everyone inside during a Christmas party some years ago, Teitelbaum said. In a touching story from Indiana, the ghost of a woman appeared to her great-granddaughter to show her the location of a lost turquoise ring.

During Open Lines, George offered a special topic line for callers who wanted to hum or sing their favorite movie or television themes. In the last half hour, George played an excerpt from his 9/12/07 interview with Former Apollo astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell.

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