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First hour guest, investment advisor Mish Shedlock offered commentary. He returned during the second hour, joining George in a night of pre-election Open Lines and discussion about the economy. We have entered into a global recession, said Shedlock-- nine out of ten countries are in a downturn. The latest news looks grim for the automotive industry, and he predicted that some 5,000 car dealerships will go bankrupt.

He suggested this downward cycle could go on for a decade, and that instead of retiring, Boomers will be forced to compete with their children and grandchildren for jobs. Unemployment will rise to 10% in the next two years, and the stock market will most likely not bounce back and could fall another 30%, he said. The economy won't flow naturally due to excessive government interventions such as the bailout, he added.

Shedlock does see some hope. Though he is writing in Ron Paul on his ballot, he believes Obama could bring in some needed changes. And, because of the financial turmoil, consumers will learn to have a healthier attitude about debt rather than living beyond their means. Throughout the evening, callers shared their views about the election, candidates, and economy.

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