Catastrophic Earth Changes

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Catastrophic Earth Changes

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Researcher Brent Miller of the Horizon Project discussed past evidence for sudden catastrophic earth changes, and warned we could be nearing another such event, possibly occurring in 2012. Calamities such as a pole shift are likely caused by passing space bodies altering Earth's gravitational field, he explained.

Our solar system moves up and down a "galactic plane," and as the Mayans predicted, Earth will reach the closest point to the center of the galaxy in 2012, said Miller. The center (or "dark rift") has a large gravitational field which has been affecting Earth since 1998, causing larger and more frequent earthquakes, he noted. Quakes will increase as we get closer to 2012, as well as anomalous weather patterns caused by ocean temperature warming-- culminating in a pole shift with huge tsunamis that will wipe out coastal lands, he cautioned.

Miller cited ancient historical data to back up his assertions. Water damage to the Sphinx as well as silt evidence from the Mississippi River indicate that global tidal waves wreaked havoc around 9,000 years ago, he outlined. Various prophecies such as from Nostradamus, Cayce, the Bible, and the Hopi Indians all share similar accounts of dramatic earth cataclysms. Nostradamus wrote of a single day where everyone falls over, and Miller suggested this will be due to a gravitational flux/pole shift.

Economic Analysis

First hour guest, investment advisor Mish Shedlock spoke about the economy, and GM's current woes. He foresees more financial decline, with stocks falling another 30-40% and unemployment rising to 9-10%.



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