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During Open Lines, George offered a 'tense moment' hotline. Jerry in Toronto said he became agitated after being approached by a stranger one night on his walk home from the subway station. According to Jerry, the man claimed to have a weapon and asked him for some money. Jerry said the stranger also wanted his briefcase, which Jerry said he could not afford to lose, so he struck the man in the face and continued on his way home. Michael in California described the dreadful feelings that came over him while listening on two separate occasions to Benjamin Creme on Coast to Coast AM. Michael said he got queasy, became sick, and imagined he would get cancer, die childless and go to hell.

In the second hour, George spoke briefly with modern day witch Fiona Horne, who will be appearing in Monday night's Unexplained with George Noory on the Sci Fi Channel. Dr. Bruce Goldberg popped in to talk about his upcoming appearance on Unexplained this Sunday, when he will demonstrate an actual past life regression and have an intellectual jousting match with Bryce Zabel. Richard C. Hoagland also phoned in with updates on problems with NASA's new Ares I moon rocket, the current shuttle mission, and a new Hubble image. In the last half hour, George presented his rendition of H.G. Wells' The Story of the Inexperienced Ghost.

Zeitgeist Movies & The Venus Project

In the first hour, George spoke with Peter Joseph, the writer, producer and director of the controversial documentary Zeitgeist: The Movie and its sequel, Zeitgeist: Addendum. The films explore "the myth of religion, the myth of 9/11, and the myth of the financial system," according to Joseph.

Joseph described our current monetary/labor system as "inherently corrupt." The system creates "aberrant behavior," he noted, and is not designed for humanity to live together. Joseph believes "through technology and modern knowledge we have the ability to create mass abundance of all the necessities of life." He also talked about The Venus Project (thevenusproject.com) and its goal to redesign a social system that benefits humanity and is in line with nature.


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