How Would You Change the Past?

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How Would You Change the Past?


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    During Open Lines, George offered a hotline for callers who wanted to share something they would change if they could travel back in time. Matt in Washington thought that Roosevelt's New Deal led the country down the wrong path and that his presidency was an overall disaster. Matt wondered how different America would be had Roosevelt not been elected to four terms as president.

    Brian in Oregon said he has a recurring dream in which he can send telepathic messages back in time to warn himself of impending danger. Brian wished he could go back and stop the tragic events of 9/11... as well as get the winning numbers to a large lottery jackpot.

    Gary from Franklin, Indiana, told George about his talking cat. According to Gary, his cat walks the house at night and can be heard saying, "I'm alone. I'm all alone." Other callers phoned in with stories about their talking felines. Suzi in Dayton, Ohio claimed her cat could speak and understand English. Elaine from Fort Myers, Florida said her Russian Blue used to say, "Mommy."

    The last hour of the program was a replay of Open Lines from June 6, 2008.

    Reverse Speech

    In the first hour, George spoke with reverse speech specialist Wayne Nicholson. According to Nicholson, reverse speech is a covert level of communication that is automatically generated by the brain when we speak. It can be heard by recording human speech and playing the recording backward. Speech reversals operate in unison with forward speech and are an expression of the subconscious mind, Nicholson further noted.
    Nicholson also brought along some samples of reverse speech.

    In one audio clip, a man's voice can be heard saying in forward speech, "It got dark -- a very clear, bright, starry night." When the audio is reversed the man states quite clearly, "They are near us." In another clip Rosa Parks, the "Mother of the Modern-Day Civil Rights Movement," can be heard in reverse stating, "Let a memory tell that." More reverse speech audio samples can be found at

    Solar Storm Update

    Appearing briefly at the start of the show, James McCanney commented on a new report from the National Academy of Sciences that outlines the potential catastrophic outcome of Earth being hit by a worst-case scenario solar storm.


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