Energy Solutions & NDEs

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Energy Solutions & NDEs

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In the first half of the show, Dannion & Kathryn Brinkley spoke about their near death experiences (NDEs). Dannion recounted his particularly profound third NDE in which he went to a blue-gray place-- an environment where he believes ghosts are formed.

They discussed their new book Secrets of the Light which outlines a four-fold path to power: love, choice, belief, and prayer. Prayer can be thought of as willful, conscious intent, Dannion explained.

In the latter half of the program, researcher Tom Blees discussed energy solutions that might solve the world's environmental woes. The Integral Fast Reactor (IFR) burns nuclear waste as fuel, and has the potential to provide unlimited energy. It's a completely clean and safe energy source that could put coal and fossil fuel out of business, he declared.

We should start building 4th generation nuclear plants that incorporate the IFR technology, said Blees, adding that an international non-profit group could oversee the construction and control the fissile materials for safety.

The element boron is an ideal energy carrier, and cars could be made with a combustion chamber to run on it. Boron would be much cheaper than hydrocarbon fuel, costing around the equivalent of 25 cents a gallon. Blees also spoke highly of plasma recycling, a technology in which waste materials and garbage are cleanly processed into synthetic gas. Such systems, which could reduce the need for landfills, are already starting to go online, he reported.

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