Nuclear Threats, UFOs, and Implants

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Nuclear Threats, UFOs, and Implants

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Author Whitley Strieber discussed the dangers of nuclear terrorism, which he explores in his forthcoming thriller Critical Mass, and also spoke about UFOs and alien implants. A terrorist group could make a nuclear attack on one city, and then issue a threat that they have nuclear bombs ready to go off in other cities, if their ideological demands aren't met, he warned.

Strieber outlined the need to have legislation that "addresses the issue of sudden governmental decapitation," such as if an atomic bomb had gone off in Washington on Inauguration Day. We need to have a public plan in place on how to rebuild the government, whereby a state governor could be appointed to act as a functioning executive, he detailed. This could actually serve as a deterrent to nuclear attacks, he suggested.

In UFO news, he remarked on a recent mysterious aerial craft tracked by Germany's air traffic controllers, and Denmark's release of its UFO files. He also discussed an alien implant case in which a scientist had an odd encounter, and afterward had puncture wounds in his toe that fluoresced green. The scientist had an implant in his toe removed by Dr. Roger Leir, and the object had a number of unusual aspects-- it was made out of iron from meteorites, contained carbon nanotubes, and its materials' isotopic ratios were not found on Earth, he recounted. Strieber also spoke about the implant in his own ear, which his wife believes has made him smarter.

New Exoplanet

Appearing during the first half-hour, Richard C. Hoagland commented on a significant new exoplanet discovery-- it's the closest in size to Earth of all the exoplanets that have so far been detected.

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