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UFO researcher Robert Hastings discussed declassified documents, as well as witness testimony that confirms UFO incursions at nuclear weapons sites, weapons laboratories, and bomb test sites. UFO activity accelerated after WWII, around the time that the testing and deploying of nuclear weapons began in America. Initially, the premise was that the unidentified craft were Soviet devices, though Hastings became convinced "we're dealing with multiple races from multiple worlds."

He said he's had contact with over 100 military employees who knew of UFO activity that occurred when they worked at various facilities between 1964 and 1996. There was an incident at Malmstrom AFB in March 1967 where a large red disc-shaped object was seen over the missile area, and all 10 missiles simultaneously went offline. The guidance and control systems were affected, and the hardware had to be replaced, he detailed. This technological display of shutting off the missiles seemed to be sending a message or "wagging a finger," he commented.

Conversely, missiles suddenly went into launch mode at Minot AFB when a bright object was seen over the launch site. A similar episode in Soviet Ukraine occurred in October 1982, when missiles were suddenly activated at an ICBM base while a saucer-shaped object was observed nearby. A 1964 test of a nuclear missile sent across the Pacific Ocean was said to be thwarted in progress by a UFO, and the incident was purportedly captured on film. For more, see Hasting's 'Big Sur' report (PDF file).

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First hour guest, financial advisor Mish Shedlock gave an update on the economy. Treasury Sec. Geithner's plan has a lot of holes in it-- and the market reacted negatively, he said. Additionally, sales taxes are plunging because consumers have stopped spending. More here.


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Below are excerpts from a one hour+ Q & A with Richard C. Hoagland of Enterprise Mission, our recent special guest in Streamlink's Live Chat. Members can read/print the full transcript.


Do you think our new president will finally get the truth to the American people?

Richard C. Hoagland

If by "truth" you mean "more of a look at what's REALLY going on," he seems to be off to a good start. His Executive Order of his first full day as president -- opening and strengthening FOIA Requests - -is an excellent beginning ... one which could bear some "interesting" fruit VERY soon ... in terms of "what's REALLY been going on."


Thanks for joining us Richard. How come not much is said about those small dwarf planets like Ceres that orbit between Mars and Jupiter...are we ever going to send probes to them?

Richard C. Hoagland

We (well ...NASA) has an unmanned mission -- the Dawn Mission - -currently enroute. It will fly by the two LARGEST asteroids -- Ceres and Vesta -- later in this decade (I believe; I haven't checked on the actual arrival date lately...). That spacecraft should tell us a LOT about the formation of the asteroids as a class, and, hopefully, will prove Tom Van Flandern right "one more time." :)


What direction do you see Obama taking NASA? Any indication he will follow through with or alter the current plans of eventually getting to the moon, then Mars?

Richard C. Hoagland

One of the real wild cards I'm watching intently, is if he "rehires" Mike Griffin! There is a serious possibility… which would take too long to explain here. The other, more likely development, will be the announcement of a new NASA Administrator in the next few days/weeks .. and then we'll know a LOT more about Obama's real plans for NASA, and the "Vision for Space exploration."


What about the Horizon Project, Richard? Are we all doomed in 2012 when we enter the dark rift of the galactic plane as they are predicting?

Richard C. Hoagland

We do NOT "enter the dark rift" on December 21, 2012. That is either a complete misunderstanding of the astronomical realities surrounding 2012 or deliberate disinformation. The sun began to be optically projected against the Milky Way's "dark rift," on the Winter Solstice (December 21) in 1998! And, has been slowly moving across the rift ever since...

This geometric alignment will continue for several decades (I don't offhand remember just how many). So, this optical projection of the sun -- on the Solstice -- against the central plane of the Milky Way CANNOT be (by itself!) a cause for concern .... There must be "other factors" also involved ... if this alignment IS going to cause serious problems with the Earth. Which we are currently exploring .... Stay tuned. :)


I enjoyed your video from a few years back about the face on Mars (I have it on VHS no less :-). I'm disappointed as I'm sure you are that later high res photos didn't look like a face. It looks like it was nuked or something. Do you think it may have been tampered with?

Richard C. Hoagland

This is such a subject area. I (and a lot of other folks) think the new Mars satellite imagery makes it look even MORE like a Face .... The "devil is in the details." What would you expect any well-known Earthly monument to look like, up close and in VERY high resolution ... after perhaps a half a million years ...? :)

This subjective impression -- does it "look" like a Face -- has to be companioned with some serious, objective scientific analysis .. such as, are there geometric, structural details present in the latest MRO imagery, which would indicate an artificial, engineering construction to this object? As we showed in Dark Mission, there are. Now, we simply need better imagery, both of the Face and the other Cydonia objects, to prove this to a wider audience's satisfaction... Or, for NASA to land the MSL nuclear-powered rover ... right in the middle of the City at Cydonia! :)


The television shows you appear on seem to always give the last word to the debunkers... Can you recommend a good recent TV show you took part in?

Richard C. Hoagland

The SciFi Documentary last spring on "The Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls." We had about 20 minutes of the two hours, and were treated quite fairly .... This year, there may be more. Stay tuned. :)


What's new in the future for you ?

Richard C. Hoagland

H-m-m-m-m-m. Well, there might be some major television exposure for our research, as noted above. And, we might be going to China in mid-summer -- to measure the torsion fields of the total solar eclipse over China. And, I still have to do "my" show on "Coast" .... I also have to finish the revised edition of Dark Mission, and begin the sequel .... I think that's enough for the Spring .... :)

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