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Evidence for the Soul

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Researcher Ian Lawton discussed the soul and evidence of its (pre)existence. According to Lawton, "everybody has a soul that pre-exists their existing life and almost all of us will have had previous lives before this one." As proof, he recounted the story of a 6-year-old boy from Indiana, James Leininger, who some believe is World War II Navy pilot James Huston Jr., reincarnated. Lawton said the boy had recurring nightmares of being trapped in a burning cockpit and, perhaps most intriguing, had three G.I. Joe action figures named Leon, Walter and Billy - three pilots who coincidentally served with Huston aboard the Natoma Bay in the 1940s.

Lawton related the incredible near death experience of a Russian scientist, 'George,' who had been run over by a car and pronounced dead at the scene. George spent three days in a cabinet at the morgue before he was revived, Lawton said. During that time, he recalled travelling in an astral body to another part of the hospital where there was a crying baby with whom he could communicate telepathically. When he was brought back, George told doctors the infant was suffering from a fractured hip, which x-rays later confirmed to be true.

Lawton also spoke about karma, past life and interlife regression evidence, as well as what he called the holographic aspect of the "Source" (a word Lawton uses to describe what some might call "God"). According to Lawton, we are simultaneously individual aspects of the Source and holographic representations of it. For Lawton this means humans are here to "experience and grow over many lifetimes," as is the Source itself.

Smiley Face Killers Update

During the first hour, reporter Kristi Piehl provided an update on her investigation into the mysterious drowning deaths of college-age men across the country. Piehl attributes the murders to a gang known as the Smiley Face Killers, so named because graffiti of smiley faces is found near locations where the bodies are dumped. She was joined by Bill Szostak, father of 2007 drowning victim, Josh Szostak.

Surveillance video taken from the tavern shows Josh "was not highly intoxicated" when he left, Szostak said. From an outside camera, Josh can be seen calmly texting a friend when he inexplicably doubles over, begins to stagger and starts peeling his clothes off. Josh stumbles down the street and disappears. Szostak believes the video evidence proves his son was slipped a date rape drug, though two autopsies were unable to confirm this suspicion. Get more info at sfkillers.com.

Internet Issues

In the latter part of the first hour, privacy expert Lauren Weinstein briefly talked about taxation of Internet downloads, and announced a new online forum for people who want to understand what their Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are doing with their data and information.

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