Parallel Universes & Teleportation

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Parallel Universes & Teleportation

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Hypnotherapist Dr. Bruce Goldberg discussed parallel universes and teleportation as well as his work with patients who have had past lives in Atlantis, Lemuria and ancient Egypt. According to his research, there are parallel universes in existence where major world events have had completely different outcomes. Such historical twists included the British winning the Revolutionary War and a comet killing millions after it hits the Earth in 1999. Goldberg said, "these things aren't happening in our universe, but they are out there."

On the subject of teleportation, he told the story of Vivian, a woman that he'd been training to teleport. She was thrown from a moving car by her abusive boyfriend. As another car was speeding towards her, she thought of Goldberg's post-hypnotic suggestion to teleport and pictured her living room. Immediately, she found herself sitting on her couch at home, much to the surprise of her boyfriend and the driver of the car about to hit her. "That's not a doppelganger, that's not an OBE, that's where the physical body moves from one place to another and Vivian is alive today thanks to teleportation," said Goldberg.

Goldberg also revealed information which he has gleaned from his patients who had previous lives in legendary lands such as Atlantis and Mu. Based on their testimonies, he explained that these once great continents were destroyed as a result of the energy systems they used, which harnessed "highly explosive volcanic gases" beneath the land. Once these gases ran out, they ceased supporting the land above them, causing the continents to crumble into oblivion.

UFO Disclosure Update

Appearing during the first hour, Stephen Bassett provided an update on Monday's X-Conference Press Conference which featured former Apollo astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell. Bassett was encouraged by the strong turnout by the mainstream media at the press conference and the subsequent favorable coverage. He encouraged the listeners to voice their interest in UFO disclosure stories, saying "how long this news cycle runs, how many more news entities get involved, is somewhat dependent on how much response they get from the people."


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Monday night's guest, Dr. Bruce Goldberg, sent us some images to accompany his appearance. Included in the pictures are graphics depicting how "parallel souls" and "soul mates" are formed, ancient artwork and currency with possible UFO elements, and maps which may show the location of Atlantis and other lost worlds. You can view the whole gallery here.

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