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Paranormal Puerto Rico

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Author and researcher Joshua P. Warren reported on his recent trip to Puerto Rico, where he investigated sightings of the Chupacabras, as well as other paranormal and unusual activity on the island. He also gave updates on UFOs, ghosts, and strange creatures.

Chupacabras have been described as being 3-4 feet tall, and somewhat similar in appearance to the "grey" aliens. They have large red eyes, and spikes that run down their head and back. One witness said he saw a "distortion of light" around one of the creatures just before it shot off into the sky, Warren detailed.

He noted that the US military has a presence in Puerto Rico, along with a history of conducting secret experiments on the island, such as with monkeys who may have escaped and mutated. An investigator from THOR who accompanied Warren to Puerto Rico witnessed a bright orange cloud of light that lit up the sky. Other witnesses described hearing the eerie sound of "millions of voices screaming in unison" while in the rain forest. Additionally, Warren had the curious experience of people on the island reportedly seeing his doppelganger.

Sharing an update on the strange creature said to be captured in Mexico, Warren learned from Mexican investigator Jaime Maussan that its DNA doesn't match any known species, and its teeth don't appear to have roots. Warren also discussed his investigation into the Church of Satan, his experience staying in a haunted bedroom at Myrtle's Plantation, and his new film project about a haunted home in North Carolina that is next to a mass grave.

Swine Flu Update

First hour guest, Dr. Marc Siegel discussed the swine flu outbreak, which he characterized as a real problem that needs to be tracked. But currently, it's a small outbreak that should not be the cause of public panic, he said. Evidence so far suggests that the virus is not that deadly, and is weakening as it spreads, he added.


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On the night of Monday, February 23, 2009, when I viewed the sky outside Laughlin, Nevada through Generation III Night Vision, this is what I saw. One huge v-shaped formation, with a smaller v-shape above it, traveled slowly, silently, across the sky, from right to left, from the southeast to the northwest. The image was so strange I at first thought it was a digital artifact inside the goggles. It was like someone had taken a pencil and drawn these enormous lines in the sky. --Joshua P. Warren

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