Triangular UFOs & Swine Flu

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Triangular UFOs & Swine Flu

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Investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe discussed Swine Flu, UFOs, honey bee losses, and increasing bat die-offs. It's possible that the recent Swine Flu outbreak could herald a more virulent Fall 2009 pandemic, she detailed in an interview with influenza expert Paul Glezen, M. D. He noted that with the 1957 Asian flu pandemic, the 1968 Hong Kong flu pandemic, and the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic-- all three were preceded by a spring outbreak that became more harmful in the fall. The newest Swine Flu virus is a mutation that comes from four different sources, the American swine, the Eurasian swine, North American human, and avian, he explained. For more, see Linda's Earthfiles report.

Witnesses described a football-field-sized triangular craft they saw while on a hunting trip in Idaho in the year 2000 (see illustration below). They said the vehicle matched an image in the Special Operations Manual, a purported top secret document from 1954, dealing with the recovery of extraterrestrial entities and technology, that Linda showed them. Witness Kris Bales said he was directly under the huge craft which was about 100-200 ft. above him, just silently sitting there. It had a central pulsing red light that was about 90 ft. in diameter. His brother, Marc, who later observed the craft with binoculars, described seeing a small dome-like light on its top. More here.

In her update on honey bee and bat die-offs, she discussed a recent survey on honey bee losses in the United States which found an average of 29% loss over the last year. Linda interviewed Florida's Apiary Inspection Assistant Chief, Jerry Hayes, who described a beekeeper that brought in new queens for their 6,000 colonies, and 25% of the queens failed. The white-nose fungus syndrome has spread to bats in Virginia. Scientists are meeting later this month to discuss the increase in bat die-offs, and potential rise in insect population, she reported.

Prophecy Update:

First hour guest, Father Andrew Wingate checked in about his prophecy that the US would sink one of its battleships. A retired U.S. Navy warship was recently sunk off Florida to create an artificial reef. He suggested that North Korea is testing Pres. Obama with its recent nuclear demonstrations, but the country wants to sell its weapons to rogue states rather than stage an attack. He also predicted there would be riots in America, and revolution in cities by the poor.


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One of Linda Moulton Howe's reports concerns a 300-ft-long triangular craft seen by Kris Bales (who created this illustration). He witnessed the low flying vehicle over a Challis, Idaho hunting camp on September 27, 2000.

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