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Roswell Revelations

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Experts in the Roswell, New Mexico UFO crash of 1947 Tom Carey & Don Schmitt discussed their continued investigation into the case, and interviewing of witnesses, some of whom saw alien bodies. The Roswell Incident remains the only case where the Air Force admitted that UFOs were extraterrestrial in origin, even though they later retracted that statement. Schmitt noted the Air Force used brutal tactics to keep witnesses silent. The story was subsequently buried for 30 years, until Jesse Marcel Sr. went public in the 1970s.

Since that time, some 600 witnesses to the UFO crash have been accumulated, and the Air Force's explanation of "Project Mogul" (balloon testing) "falls apart like a cheap suit," said Carey. The cover-up in 1947 may have been engaged in because of the widespread panic over the War of the Worlds radio broadcast a few years earlier, as well as the start of the Cold War, Carey suggested. One witness, the late Lt. Walter Haut said he not only saw three small alien bodies (two in body bags) at the base hangar, but their craft as well, which he described as being the size of a Volkswagen Beetle.

Another witness they interviewed, Eli Benjamin, a member of the 390th Squadron, was still emotional after all these years, when talking about seeing the "species" of "little people," whom he believed were not of this Earth. Sgt. Bill Ennis of the 393rd Bomb Squad admitted that the craft they recovered was a "spaceship," Carey added. The "holy grail" for the Roswell case is the physical evidence/debris, such as the "memory metal" which was said to be light as a feather yet ultra strong, and able to resume its original shape after being crumpled up, the investigators said. Roswell researcher Anthony Bragalia has reported on the work of Dr. Howard Cross who may have studied the mysterious metal while working at the Battelle Memorial Institute.

UFO Activism

Appearing briefly toward the start of the show, UFO activist Stephen Bassett shared an update on the Million Fax on Washington, which is now focusing on a new phase, trying to get attention from the White House press corps.

Current Events Commentary

First hour guest, analyst John M. Curtis offered commentary on current events, such as situations in North Korea and Iran. He also discussed the U.S. bailout plan, and noted that the Federal Reserve has only accounted for $2 trillion out of the $13 trillion it has printed.


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Don Schmitt created this artwork depicting an interplanetary craft of unknown origin that crashed in southeastern New Mexico during a severe storm in the summer of 1947.

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