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Anti-Gravity & Other Hi-Tech

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Filling in for Ian Punnett, Art Bell welcomed experimental nuclear physicist Dr. Bob Koontz, who talked about his UFO sighting in Central Pennsylvania and how it led him into a new field of research. The object, which Koontz was able to photograph with a digital camera, appeared to be disc-shaped with a dome. He estimated the UFO was traveling only 10 to 15 miles per hour and in distress, as it had what looked like smoke trailing behind it.

Koontz thinks anti-gravity technology may have been keeping this slow-moving craft suspended in the air. To prove his theory, Koontz set up an experiment based on the Biefeld-Brown Effect. According to Koontz, his test produced a demonstrable change in effective mass and convinced him that anti-gravitic systems are possible. In addition, Koontz referenced the work of self-taught Canadian scientist John Hutchison, who allegedly caused a 70-pound cannon ball to levitate with cancelling electromagnetic fields.

Koontz discussed the work of Stan Meyer, who prior to his death purportedly developed a car that could run on water. He believes Myer found a specific 'scalar resonance' that could be used to instantly breakdown water into hydrogen and oxygen. Koontz also touched on Steven Mark's toroidal power unit, free energy, scalar electromagnetic weapons (supposedly used by the Russians to modify weather), HAARP, and the physics of Art's massive ham radio antenna.

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