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New Energy Technology

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Appearing in the middle two hours, aerospace and defense systems developer Sir Charles Shults discussed his work with new energy sources. By developing new methods & technologies for energy, water, and medicine, we can turn around the economy, he declared.

Shults is currently working with the Space Island Group on such projects as an orbiting solar station which can collect sunlight, convert the power, and then beam the energy to ground-based receivers. He is also developing "power pods" (see graphic below), relatively small & inexpensive devices that could be placed on a roof or in a backyard. A single pod might generate enough energy to light a home and run several appliances.

Regarding water resources, he suggested a system whereby floodwater is diverted into underground tunnels and then re-routed to areas where water is needed. Such a system, which might take decades to build, could be powered by solar and wind, he noted. In the field of medical technology, Shults spoke about stem cells being converted from fat cells drawn through liposuction, and how these may eventually be harnessed to grow replacement organs and limbs. He also touched on his study of Martian data.

Geopolitical Commentary

First hour guest, foreign policy expert Jeff Nyquist offered commentary on geopolitics. He expressed concern that America was falling behind other countries in nuclear weapons preparedness and development. Russia, he noted, has 4th generation nuclear warheads, and according to his source, Pakistan now has a greater capacity for nuclear weapons manufacturing than the U.S.

Pumpkin Man & Strange Lights

Appearing in the last hour, paranormal investigator Joshua P. Warren shared an update on the lore of Pumpkin Man, a shriveled figure on Brown Mountain (in NC), and a possibly connected sighting of anomalous lights using night vision goggles. The lights were seen in an area where a murder of campers had taken place on Brown Mountain. They expanded, brightened, flashed, and pulsated before suddenly vanishing, he detailed. A video of the unusual occurrence will soon be posted, he added.


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Charles Shults writes: "Here is a rendering of our upcoming power pod which can produce electrical power anywhere in the world and in space, using nothing but concentrated sunlight. We are planning to have this unit in production in six months." He also has included this link with additional images and info related to his presentation on the 6/17/09 show.

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