Horse in Human Form

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Horse in Human Form

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Ian Punnett welcomed Jason 'The Horse' (, a man who believes he is really a horse living inside a human body. Jason talked about what it was like to live as a horse, as well as shared the story of how he came to understand his true nature.

Jason was just a toddler when he first recalled his previous equine existence. He said a billboard photo of an English countryside caused him to remember a past life as a draft horse. The triggered memory made him feel content and happy, Jason added. At three years old, he encountered horses for the first time. According to Jason, the smell of the animals made him want to to run and be with them. Jason told Ian that about 20% of the horses he meets recognize him as a fellow member of their species and expect him to abide by normal herd protocols. A mare named Lucy even treated him like a young foal, he noted.

Jason described a recent memory flash in which he was shown how he died (as a horse) and why he now appears in human form. After falling to his death when a steep roadway collapsed beneath his hooves, Jason said he was led through an brightly lit green pasture by a bearded man with black hair. Participation in shamanic ceremonies revealed that after his death he was charged by the 'horse ancestors' to return as a human in order to facilitate a closer alliance between mankind and horses.

Jason spoke about the challenges he had learning to use his thumbs, what horses think about during the day (nothing), and his attraction to mares, pointing out that "[as a human] it's best not to act on any such feelings." Jason also wanted to let other 'horses in human form' know that they are neither crazy nor alone.

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