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Paranormal Investigations

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During the first half of the program, George spoke with documentary producer Bill Murphy, who shared details from his various paranormal investigations. Murphy recalled visiting a house in Leesville, Louisiana, where strange occurrences baffled a local paranormal research team. The land the house sat upon, as well as the home itself, would vibrate inexplicably, Murphy explained. The area was neither by railroad tracks nor prone to earthquakes, he added. Murphy said the unexplainable vibrations eventually manifested into poltergeist activity, which he was able to record.

Murphy described his experiences aboard the haunted Queen Mary, a place he said is filled with a palpable angst that many can feel. The strange sounds, mysterious 'sparkles,' and the fact that shadow people can be photographed there, provide strong evidence that something supernatural is taking place aboard the legendary ship, he said.

Murphy discussed his research into the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado. According to Murphy, visitors to the hotel, including himself, sense they are being touched or pushed by an unseen force. "It felt like I had a bunch of vibrating phones in every pocket," he said. Murphy thinks discharge from crystals under the hotel may explain the phenomena. He also touched on his 'Psychic Machines' presentation, in which explores the link between the human mind and the instrumentation of the operator.

Open Lines

During Open Lines, Tom in Seattle revealed what may have been the real reason NASA's Moon program was cancelled after Apollo 17. Tom said a NASA contract officer told him that astronauts aboard the Lunar Orbiter saw lights from a giant moonbase while they were on the dark side of the moon. A voice speaking in English came on their radio and ordered them to "explore no further," Tom added.

Gordon in Sacramento said he spent the evening with UFO researcher Ed Grimsley. Using night vision goggles, Gordon reported seeing a triangle formation of UFOs leave the atmosphere. Javier phoned in to share his story about having a 'voodoo curse' placed on him by a waitress at his work. He said the curse did not work. Javier also claimed to have hit a Grey alien over the head with a log.

The final half-hour of the show featured George's 10/24/07 interview with Uri Geller, who talked about his involvement in the new reality series Phenomenon.

Earthquake Update

At the top of the show, geologist Jim Berkland provided updates on the earthquake that rocked China and mysterious tremors along the San Andreas that could be leading up to a large seismic event.

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